Carla Pietri

After years of trying to commit to a daily morning routine, I have finally found a way to do it through the Wake Up Call! I not only have created this powerful habit, but I also get to connect with a community of amazing people to start my day in alignment and with intention. The group space offers an accountability aspect that has helped me stay consistent with it, as well as a positive, supportive and empowering feeling that I can carry with me throughout my day. It’s been life-changing! Before I joined the Wake Up Call, I was struggling a bit with the concept of abundance, especially around prosperity during this pandemic and the financial impact we’ve experienced as a result. I have shifted my outlook and have started to enjoy spending money again, as well as sharing my wealth with others in need.

Since joining, I’ve also become more strategic and therefore efficient about achieving my daily goals. I am feeling much more organized, productive and focused!