Amit Mistry

A month before joining the Wake Up Call, everything was working in my favour. I left a job/team that I felt was holding me back. I found a new sense of motivation and created my own brand as a mortgage/insurance agent, where I enjoyed waking up every morning. I felt aligned with my true purpose or so I thought. At times, I’m tested by the universe and feel as if I always fail, which results in me taking 10 steps back when I thought I was moving forward.
I was introduced to the Wake Up Call by an ex-co-worker / friend who I hadn’t connected with for almost 2 years. At first, I thought to myself, I’m already waking up at 4:30 – 5 AM to workout, read & go over affirmations, what’s this guy (Joe) going to teach me about everything I already know. After failing another test the universe threw at me, I finally took the step and responded to Joe’s email that had been sent a couple of weeks back of joining the Wake Up Call. Joe’s email explained what the 5 AM Club entailed, he was super authentic and welcoming in our initial interaction. He also added me to a WhatsApp group where I was welcomed with open arms. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced so much positivity within a group in all my life.
After joining, all it took was 5 days to realize, s***, where has he and this club been all my life. In the 5 days, I understood more than when I was reading these self-development books on my own. The main reason for this was because, one, I was able to relate to Joe through his own life experiences and, two, his in-depth analysis of the passages from the book we were reading (The Power of Intention) really put things into perspective for me. The biggest takeaways so far from Joe are ‘You’re exactly where you need to be’, you already have everything you need and finally changing your perception of what you think are negative events that have happened in your life. Thank you, Joe, for helping me understand that I’m not behind in life and for guiding me to achieve peace of mind.