Joe Mirabelli

My name is Joe Mirabelli, I have recently joined the Wake Up Call, I first heard of the call from a close friend of mine.  He had told me to call Joe because for many years I struggled with a substance abuse issue. When I first met Joe, I explained to him that want help people overcome addiction. He then added me to the call where I listened to people who I have never met before, open up and tell Joe their problems. Everything that Joe said resonated with me.  Joe’s raw, authentic, and genuine nature has helped me better understand the source of my addiction. Being in the electrical field I have always been up at 5am, but after joining the club I have never woken up with more purpose in my life. I recently started my own business and it has grown faster than I could have ever imagined. Joe and this group taught me that I have all the tools to be successful. He inspires me every morning to be the best version of me.  One lesson that I have used every day is to respond and not react to the challenges of everyday life.  I am thankful and grateful for the impact Joe has had on my life and would recommend this group to anyone looking to better their lives.