Dani Carlton


I found the wake up call while on my journey in Thailand. What this call has done for me is hard to put into words, but I have gained a lot more momentum in my daily life with positive thinking and the way I feel every day has changed significantly. I’ve only been on the calls for a couple of weeks, and maybe missed 3 so far, and even on the very first call, I felt a shift within me. My frequency and my vibration changed noticeably; both by me, and those around me. In addition, I have felt a shift in my daily happiness and my sense of Self. I think there is something to being in a group of people that are not only like-minded but passionate about finding the answer to being happy. I think that this is an absolutely incredible space where people can share, listen, be vulnerable, learn and for me, I have already found that it has brought something very specific to my life and that was an ease in communication, specifically with my parents and husband. Having lived abroad for 11-months, during a pandemic, my family has found it quite difficult in some manner, to support my decision to stay here and continue my humanitarian efforts. To be able to have the tools to communicate with them about my needs, to be selfish while literally being selfless here and of service, and while going through so much growth alone this year, has been incredibly helpful and life changing. One of the books we read, The Power of Intention, really resonated with me. Not only did the book resonate, but the stories and vulnerability that others shared made me feel like I was in a space where people understood what I was going through or already experienced something similar to what I was struggling with. It’s an absolutely amazing space to be included in, and only having been included for a month, I cannot wait for this momentum to move even more in my life. It’s really changed the way that I am thinking and processing my thoughts/feelings. I am extremely grateful for this incredible group of people, but especially for the work Joe is doing. He’s not only on the calls, breaking down the books and giving us his magic, but he literally reaches out to you privately, to check in and ensure you’re okay, to give additional advice and just have your back. Joe is a very special human being and he just gives you all of his incredibly positive, real (no BS), support and advice. The belief surrounding these calls is that if we all come together and put our super powered batteries of positivity together and our mindful thinking, that we as a collective can affect and change the world in a positive way. I am so blessed to have found the Wake Up Call!
Love & Light,