Danilo Ferreira

My name is Danilo, I am 30 years old, currently living in Toronto, Canada but originally from Brazil.

I became a member of The Wake Up Call in May/2020. 

At first I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I would find once I joined the group and little did I know… I was in for a ride.

The Wake Up Call introduced me to the Personal/Self Development world. Before joining the group, I knew very little about it but inside of me there was a feeling of curiosity that there is much more out there.

The Wake Up Call taught me about self-awareness in a way that has never been presented to me before, all of a sudden I was being recommended a variety of books that I egearly read and that in the end, all have a similar message: to cause you to grow.

The lessons, discussions and examples shared daily were the things that changed my ability to read, interpret and respond to any situation. Before joining the WUC, I was feeling that there was something missing, a void that needed to be filled.

Everyone is talking about finding and living your purpose, and that is very important, but how do we get there? That’s where the WAKE UP CALL had its major impact in my life! It showed me where to start, how to organize my thoughts, what references to research, how to interact with my parents, my wife and even my peers at work. It grounded me to look at everything through different lenses and gave me direction!

On top of all of that there is something priceless that takes form in all of this… a community. The WUC creates a community of people, real people, that you can reach out to and share experiences, ask questions, learn about their hobbies/work, support their business or like in my case find yourself a mentor that became a friend. Every day, the Wake Up Call gives me a chance to inspire and to be inspired.