Kally Thorburn

“The Wake Up Call” with the one and only Joe Trimboli!
When I first started the wake up call I had recently been introduced to Thinking into Results. I was in and out of difficult mindsets and living in fear and scarcity. Thinking into Results really caused me to want more for my life and others around me, to really be the best version of myself. I was then introduced to the wake up call (the teacher appears when the student is ready). My first thought was 5:30am?… heck no! I only get up that early when I absolutely have to! I must admit since deciding to join the call I have made quantum leaps in my relationships, my business, my mindset and overall energy and excitement around learning! Joe’s constant empowering and motivational insights on each book and specifically each chapter we read along with his sharing his life experiences with us has gotten me out of bed at 5:00am…sometimes 5:15 ?

The biggest motivation for me that gets me up and on the calls is Joe and his giving nature. He’s always readily available to chat and give his full attention and knowledge to everyone on the calls. 

He’s created a great community around his members, it’s a feel good group that makes it fun and easy to learn and share with!


What Would Joe Do!?