Rina Di Mito, BA, B.Ed

Exhausted, overwhelmed, angry, stressed for time and spinning my wheels in a cycle of never-ending sameness everyday describes where I was at prior to joining the 5 am club. I was stuck, blocked and I knew it but did not have the tools to change it.   While the 5 am club is chock-full of learnings, the one that I have really focused in on is “When you get better everyone around you gets better”.  Within a week of being on the call, a calmness and sense of control started to permeate over me.  So much so that my children and spouse immediately noticed.  I began doing many of the things I could never find the time for.  My available time did not change, only my thoughts.  Within four weeks, I started taking courses, I completed a liver cleanse, I got myself a personal trainer and started to exercise, I started reading again, and most importantly I understand that I need to get in harmony with what I want.      

The 5 am club is not something you can join and then leave. It is a lifestyle change that you will find yourself craving every day, because every hour spent there results in increased awareness of your thoughts which are at the root of what you can manifest in your life.  I am so excited about where these learnings will lead me. Can’t wait to see my life unfold.