Sonia Capista

My name is Sonia Capista, 46 years old. For most of my life I wore the perfect smile, I had the perfect family and my goal was to make others happy, to be liked and excepted “the people pleaser”. Inside I was an emotional disaster treating all those I loved the most with the anger I had built up inside, a victim of my past and my life. I worked in an office most of my life building other people’s business because I was never good enough. A few years ago, that all changed. I travelled to LA with a few friends participating in Bob Proctors Thinking Into Results. This was only the beginning and brought so much to surface for me. Having Joe as a coach has changed my life in every area. I went back to school, quit my job (after 30 years) and am currently building my own business, others acceptance of me is no longer necessary, my marriage fell apart long before it was over, and I am currently working on self-love. On top of that, my mother passed away which literally placed a brick wall in front of me. Without this I would never have been able to move forward. Joe doesn’t realize the impact he has had on others. I realized that even through my darkest moments there was a lesson to be learned and good to be found. I finally found the closure I needed with my mom and my past, I am no longer a victim to anything that has happened or happens, I have a deeper enlightenment of awareness to the way I speak of myself and others. Like Joe says this is the gym for the mind and the daily repetition keeps me in check. After all, “the way we do one thing we do everything”. The wake up calls change the way my day flows. I feel like I am able to face anything and anybody and every day is now a beautiful journey. Life is not perfect but the way I look at it is. Thank you Joe for being our mentor leading us every morning and helping us live each day with an enlightened purpose. I am no longer a reactive person but rather I know respond and discuss things which has changed my relationship with my kids and my best friend of an ex-husband. Life will never be perfect and there is no magic pill, but this is my pill, this is my journey, this is my life and I’m equipped to live it every day. With a grateful and loving heart …. Thank you Joe ?❤️